About Us

MySampleCloset.com® is a user-friendly, secure way for you to select product samples and literature online, for delivery right to your door.

We at J. Knipper and Company know that your time as a healthcare practitioner is valuable and limited.

We also know that many medical practitioners feel there are better ways to receive samples than through visits from pharmaceutical sales representatives.

J. Knipper and Company has developed an e-Sampling system called MySampleCloset.com® to give you a user-friendly way to order and receive samples--ordering what you want, the way you want it, when you want it.

MySampleCloset.com® makes your life easier by delivering these key benefits:

  • Receive samples faster, often in half the sample delivery time than with conventional sales reps.
  • The system is designed with you in mind, and tested by practitioners like you; you can access the easy-to-use Web portal whenever and wherever you wish.
  • The system is safe and secure, with real-time order verification.
  • You can check the status of current and past orders at the touch of a button. It's easy to keep track of your preferences and comment on prior orders.

About J. Knipper and Company, Inc.

MySampleCloset.com® is brought to you by J. Knipper and Company, a leader in sample distribution and other marketing services for the healthcare industry. We have key practices in the following areas:

  • Sampling solutions: traditional as well as alternative and e-sampling.
  • Direct marketing and fulfillment: design and distribution of product and sales literature.
  • Regulatory consulting and solutions: AMA DBL, sample accountability, prescriber validation, recall services.
  • Market analytics: ROI analysis, custom reporting, and other data-driven services.
  • Salesforce solutions: custom applications to improve the return on our clients' marketing investment.

Visit us on the Web at www.knipper.comor download the MySamplecloset.com® mobile application to your smartphone or tablet.